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The new standard for check-in & out reporting

Our App allows speech to text, so our inventory check-in analyst's don't need to type anything.  When emailed to you the report has an interface where you can move to each section with a click. We graphically highlight any damage or the poor condition of the property and the properties contents directly comparing the report to existing reports undertaken, so you can easily compare the condition and cleanliness from the start to the end of the tenancy. Developed in-house our reports can be tailored to suit your requirments, and will only improve as we focus on delivering the most professional service available to you.

Inventory & Check-In/Out Reports are our speciality

Why You Need HPS Ltd. for your Inventory Reports.

Disputes are costly for all parties

HPS Ltd. create fair and unbiased report's.

New regulations allows council tenants to take landlords to court for not keeping up on maintenance issues.

Minimise the risk of disputes with tenants over the return of deposits at the end of the tenancy by employing HPS Ltd to compile a comprehensive and detailed inventory at the start of every tenancy.

HPS Ltd. then will assist landlords and letting agents compare the state of the property at check-in, during the tenancy and at check-out. If an inventory is not carried out, this could lead to a deposit dispute.

Deposit disputes can be stressful for both parties as well as costly. According to data published by my.deposits earlier this year in relation to England and Wales, currently 1% of tenancies requires a formal dispute resolution, and 39% of tenancies complete with a deduction/charge negotiated with tenants. 

HPS Ltd know and understand all the issues that arise and we provide a tailored service for you to stop disputes and help the tenacy run smoothly assisting all parties. We also look out for problems that may arise in the future as well as fix the problems that are reported which is why mid term inspections are also very important, 

Our check-in / out services (with Inventory included as standard) offers the best value and support. 


£ 50 per visit
  • Full Item automated recording with pictures taken

  • report emailed direct to you

  • Free advice on works needed
  • FREE 30 minutes handyman services 

1 - 2 bedroom

£ 80 per visit
  • Full Item automated recording with pictures taken
  • report emailed direct to you

  • Free advice on works needed
  • We will carry out up to an hours worth off FREE handyman jobs . 

3 - 4 bedrooms

£ 110 per visit
  • free mid term inspection
  • full Inventory
  • report emailed direct to you
  • Free advice on works needed
  • We will carry out up to an hours worth off FREE handyman jobs . 

5 or more bedrooms

£ 120 per visit
  • free mid term inspection
  • full Inventory
  • Free advice on works needed
  • report emailed direct to you
  • 1 hrs FREE works including plumbing maintenace.

We train our handymen to inspect and record all necessery details, using Ipads and our software to quickly perform check-in and inventory proceedures, leaving time to help tenants with queries and assistance if needs be.

  1. Plumbing maintenance -Fixing dripping taps, cold spots on radiators, toilets over flowing are the types off common work we do during our inspections. 
  2. Handyman services - Fixing the loose door lock or applying new mastic around the bath and shower area, helps stop harm and damage, we at Handy People Services are here to protect your property and we will inspect and fix any issue. 
  3. Health and Safety - All alarms will be checked and batteries replaced free off charge. We will also advise on whatever is needed. 
  4. Rules and Regulations - We will report on any suspicious activities to you, and inform you off new occupiers and pets, valuable information date stamped for your records.

We are a company ready to assist your property management

Main Services List

Handyman (per hour)


Our handymen are multi skilled and carry out planned and reactive works

Gardeners (per hour)


We supply all the tools needed for all gardening work and remove up to 150 Ltrs of garden waste for free.

Cleaners (per hour)


We supply our own materials and are multi skilled, providing a full list off services.

End of tenancy clean and refresh (4 hours)


Kitchen cleaning including oven and fridge, walls scrubbed / painted, carpets washed, small fixes undertaken and rubbish removed and we will provide you with a checklist off any further works we believe to be needed.

End of tenancy clean and property refresh (Full Day)


As above

Lock change and making good service per hour


Need the locks replaced and property brought up to specification

Check in / Check out service


From only £50.00 we will provide a full check in and check out service.

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